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Because if there are loads of them, you assume they're not selling any, whereas if there are none, you assume nobody wants it. Some writers come in and change around the displays, and give out, and demand to know why their book isn't in the window and everything.

The sting in the tale

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Sting in the Tale

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Hands On On the Move As the world populations grow, so does pressure on local transport. This Ha She smiles ruefully. I didn't intend Mary, Mary as an autobiographical novel, but I was amazed, when I sat down and read it through, how many aspects of my own life turned up in the story. Her own father, who had emigrated to New Zealand with her mother in , worked as a government doctor in a hospital on the island of Samoa.

A Sting in the Tale by Dave Goulson – review

When his baby daughter was four, he was called out to the Tokelau Islands to visit a man with a gangrenous arm. With 24 companions he set out on the three-day journey across the South Pacific, but they never arrived; a month later the boat was found, abandoned, its life rafts missing. No survivors were ever found and, seven years later, Parsons' father was legally presumed dead.

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Having returned to Ireland at the age of 12 with her mother, two brothers and sister, she now considers herself thoroughly Irish - and has a year career as a producer in RTE radio and television to prove it, much of it spent behind the scenes at that icon of Irishness, the Gay Byrne Radio Show. You'd pick up the phone and find yourself plunged into somebody's life. And they'd write in - the most amazing, extraordinary letters.

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It was, in retrospect, an ideal environment for a future crime writer; not only were there domestic dramas by the dozen, but she found herself touched by the bigger international picture as well. In retrospect, she has always been interested in outsiders, people who don't quite belong, people who push the accepted norms of social behaviour to the limit - and then way beyond. At college, she took a master's in the sociology of music. I had this theory that these were both composers who challenged the orthodoxy of the musical language in which they played - and that both their musics were linked into the social and artistic change of the time.

Schoenberg's was the expressionism that was happening between the two wars, Coltrane's was the civil rights movement in the US - black consciousness and the impact that that had on jazz. When she came to write her second novel, The Courtship Gift, Parsons took the behaviour patterns of the insect world as a metaphor for human behaviour.

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The title refers to the mating ritual of the male dance fly, who presents his partner with the corpse of an insect wrapped in silk. While she is distracted by this gift, he can have his wicked way with her - and wicked is undoubtedly the word for the human equivalent of the dance fly in the book, the evil Matthew Makepeace, aka Michael Mullen. But how on earth did she find out about the mating patterns of obscure insects?

I like them, but it's funny the way things happen - I was watching TV one night in a demented sort of way, flicking from station to station, and I came across this wonderful BBC programme, Alien Empire, which was all about insects. I became very interested in parasitism, the idea of one being living off the body of another - and as soon as I read about the courtship gift itself, I knew I had the perfect element for my story.