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Since then, three more editions came and each time the content was revised and new information added. The introductory part of the document will give readers some necessary insight into the relevant regulatory framework including the ISM Code and MLC Convention.

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The main part of the material is divided into nine chapters, the first chapter dealing with proper organization of the training on board any ship. The second chapter provides some valuable advice to the shipboard staff assigned the trainee roles. The third chapter is devoted to the resources including CBT, i.

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The competence assessment, opportunities for training and associated responsibilities are dealt with in the next two chapters. Four appendixes supplement the main content of the booklet, giving necessary examples.

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This classic book was written in the early twentieth century with the intention of the author to provide people willing to study navigation science with a good textbook they could you when preparing for their examinations. The information is presented in a very simple and easily understandable manner so this volume can be used by the beginner level students.

Note that the students are not expected to have a deep knowledge of mathematics, just simple arithmetic would be sufficient to understand the material presented in the pages of this book.

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Of course it shall be noted that no important information has been omitted. Numerous examples have been added by the author to illustrate the computation methods covered by the author. The volume opens with the description of the major instruments commonly used in marine navigation, the compass and nautical charts, then we proceed to the piloting techniques and navigation tools, in fact all aspects have been covered.

This is a very good textbook for the collection of any person with the deep interest in marine navigation and historical books on the subject, as the publication is very rare and you one can hardly find the book in any of the book shops today. The content of the present compact but very informative publication was specifically developed to provide the responses to the most important issues in the maritime shipping industry, relating to the revised regulations and guidelines of the SOLAS convention.

The amendments that have been made to this regulation did have a serious impact on the established operational practices there between different parties of the supply chain engaged in the maritime transportation of cargo containers.

While the provisions of the SOLAS convention relate to the ship safety at sea, we shall recognize that the activities ashore that are related to the cargo presentation are considered essential to the safe outcome while at sea. This collection of the frequently asked questions is dealing with the newly implemented rules concerning the verification of the cargo containers' gross mass. No container shall be loaded without duly verified mass.

There are two methods, as prescribed by the rules, using which t6he shippers can get the verified gross masses of their containers. The information contained in this booklet will be of practical interest to the people involved in transportation of cargo containers by sea. This is another training set for the mariners.

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Here they will find brilliantly developed instructions on the proper mooring techniques. The training package consists of this booklet and three videos covering the theory of mooring , safe mooring practice , and maintenance of mooring systems. Of course, different ships have different mooring equipment installed on board, but the content of this package provides so-called best practice procedures for the safe mooring that would be applicable to the ships of any type.

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Chapter 1 briefly describes the coastal environment and introduces the rela tively new field of coastal engineering. FiniteAmplitude Waves. Wave Refraction Diffraction and Reflection. Coastal Water Level Fluctuations. WindGenerated Waves.

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